Berat, 03/25/2017

Cycle of literary meetings "Conversation with the author" was moved to the picturesque town of Berat, to discuss with author Yzedin Hima about literature and its myths. For this purpose were gathered at the hall of the palace of culture "Margarita Tutulani" citizens of Berat, including students of literature, readers etc.

The meeting was opened by the researcher Bedri Telegrafi, who made general remarks about the author's work and appreciated the initiative of the Albanian Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization in highlighting the cultural contributions of writers in different cities and regions of Albania. After the Chairman of the AIITC Board, Dr. Faruk Borova on behalf of AIITC welcomed the participants. Among other things, he explained the motives of the Institute for organizing such meetings in cities across the country.

Further, the meeting continued with discussions on author works. Deputy Director of AIITC Mr. Alban Kodra analysis the monograph “Vexhi Buharaja pa mite e mjegull”. He stressed out that this monograph is the most comprehensive study on the life and creativity of Vexhi Buhara as a poet, great translator and thorough researcher, which puts it at the Odeon of Albanian and Islamic culture.

Faruk Bollëke researcher and publicist and Namir Lapardhaja talked about the last book of the author "Letërsia e penguar dhe mitet e saj" Through their analysis they identified the views of the author, his ideas on literature and literary attitudes about developments in Albania during the twentieth century.

The author Yzedin Hima from his part thanked AIITC Director and his staff for the realization of this activity, as well as discussants at the meeting. He briefly presented the his poetic activity as a publicist, translator and researcher. In his speech he said he would be happy if his creations meet even one reader, because the text meeting with readers means realization of the text, even when this meeting takes place with a single reader.

The motive of all this activity, is the fact that the former literary glory of Berat today is left behind. According to the author, in XVII-XVIII centuries the city used to organize poetic discussions and competitions along the river clubs "Osumi". All the city used to tak part in those discussions and meetings,one part with Nezim Berati, the other with Mullah Ali .

He stressed out that the city of Berat in this time period has been the center of poetry with poets like Muci Zade, Sulejman Naibi, Mulla Ali, Mehmet Ashkiu, Fejziu etc., while today there is not a poetic contest as a project of this truly picturesque city of culture old.
After the discussions, the participants attended the interpretation of some of the author's poems by director Shpëtim Dyrmishi, as well as poems by Vexhi Buharaja interpreted by Armela Reka. In the end the participants attended the cocktail paved for the case.

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