Albanian Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization (AIITC) was established in 1996, by decision of the Court of Tirana nr. 143, on 04th of March 1996.
The activity of the Institute is multiple and diverse in various fields such as scientific, cultural, research, publishing, information and documentation

AIITC organizes scientific conferences and symposiums, and promotes academic research on issues related to culture, civilization, art, traditions and Islamic customs of Albanian.

The Institute maintains regular contact with state institutions, academy, research institutes, universities, cultural associations etc, creating a lot about the quality of associates in various fields.

Besides permanent staff, consistently are being engaged researchers from various fields, historians, researchers, theologians, artists, lecturers, etc, who contribute through research collection of historical, social and cultural materials and through the development of monographs and translations of old and new literature, transmission of philosophy, civilization and Islamic ideas.

Through this multi-faceted activity, AIITC: - Contributes to maintain traditional cultural values of the Albanian and Balkans Islamic peoples. Publishes these values in scientific way, toward coherence achievements. It puts the bridge between the culture of the Albanian people and the peoples of the Balkans, and beyond, in the fields of history, art, linguistics, philosophy, and science.

Creates necessary conditions for study, preservation and recording of objects of culture and Islamic architecture, through a library where books and manuscripts collected for culture, as well as through an Islamic museum, where they are collected and preserved rare relics of culture and Islamic civilization.

The Institute has issued a series of publications from various fields such as monographs of eminent figures of Albanian culture and national history, translations of traditional and contemporary literature. These publications, among others, are well appreciated in the Book Fair in Tirana, Pristina, Skopje, Ulqin ect.

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Instituti Shqiptar i Mendimit dhe i Qytetërimit Islam (AIITC) është themeluar në vitin 1996, me vendim të Gjykatës së Tiranës nr. 143, datë 04. 03. 1996. Veprimtaria e këtij Instituti është e shumëfishtë dhe e larmishme në fusha të ndryshme si: shkencore, kulturore, studimore, botuese, informuese dhe dokumentuese. 

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