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Prof. As. Dr. Ramiz ZEKAJ is the founder and leader of the Albanian Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization. He studied at the Faculty of Oriental Philosophy of Pristina. Subsequently he went to the Institute of Foreign Languages in Medina (Arabic language branch), where he also later graduated in Islamic jurisprudence. In 1994 he was laureate degree "Doctor of Science" in the field of History. He is the author of a number of publications and scientific articles in various fields and is also scientific director of the cultural- scientific magazine "Universe". Thanks to his vision on leading in the best possible way, AIITC is configured and increased significantly from year to year.


Faruk BorovaDr. Faruk BOROVA was graduated at the University of Tirana, Faculty of Natural Sciences, after a 20-years of work experience in the chemical industry, in 1993 received the scientific degree "Doctor" in the field of chemical technology. Between 1992 - 1993 he worked as General Director of State Enterprise Export - Import, and between 1993 - 1997, he was Ambassador of the Republic of Albania to the Middle East including Egypt, Libya, Palestine, Israel, Sudan, Jordan and Iraq , with residence in Cairo, the Arab Republic of Egypt. He is the author of the book "Albanian Dynasty ruling Misir 1805 - 1952" published in 2010. From October 2011 onwards he worked at the Albanian Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization initially as Deputy Director and later as Chairman of the Directors Board and Head of Foreign Relations. 


HasanProf. Dr. Hasan “™IPURI, is a member of Executive Board of AIITC. Lecturer of Language and military sciences, prof. dr. Hasan “™ipuri gave a valuable contribution in the field of publications of various dictionaries, among which we mention the publication of Albanian-Serbian dictionary. Author and contributor of many historical books and many articles on linguistic character featured in best serious magazines of the time. He is the chief of the Section of terminology and Military Encyclopedia, as well as lecturer of both Serbo-Croatian at Defence Academy and the Faculty of Foreign Languages.

AluishAlush SARAÇI is a member of the Board of Directors of AIITC, who has contributed with ideas and his professional experience for years. Alush Saraçi was graduated from the University of Tirana, Faculty of Economics. Then he made some qualifications and training in the USA for economic sciences. As economist at higher levels has given assistance to economic problems in Albania. He has competently run some important state institutions affecting their performance.



xhemalXhemal BALLA has finished the Tirana madrassa and later graduated from the Pedagogical Institute, Faculty of Bio-Geography. He was a teacher for many years and for this he was decorated with the title "Master of the distinguished educator". Xhemal Balla, as part of the AIITC Board has contributed in the scientific journal "Universe" - a publication of the Albanian Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization. He is the author of several monograph books dedicated to the most prominent Islamic figures in Albania. He has got a rich experience pedagogical and scientific and was more successful in educational institutions run by him.


muharremProf. dr. Muharrem DEZHGIU is historian and researchers of the Albanians history problems after the Declaration of Independence to the end of World War II. In his scientific activity over 30 years, prof. DEZHGIU has developed specialized studies for the political, military, economic and social history of the Albanians in the Second World War; has taught and lectured to undergraduate and graduate students; and directed the doctoral thesis; has participated in jury for doctoral protection as an opponent and as chairman of the jury; has made edits and scientific publications on the topic of this historical period; participated in working groups drafting textbooks; has participated with his work, and his studies in dozens of scientific conferences at home and abroad. He has been in management positions at the Institute of History and currently heads the Albanian Encyclopedia. His scientific production in the field of historiography counts 16 books as author and co-author, as well as tens of scholarly articles, essays, criticism, etc Since the mi ddle of 2012, Prof. dr. Muharrem DEZHGIU is a member of the Board of AIITC.


shaban murati fotoProf. dr. Shaban Murati, a career diplomat, is one of the rare personalities in Albania who has raised the country's values. He used to be an Ambassador, Adviser to Prime Minister, Minister of Albanian Diplomacy, Academic, Publisher, Analyst and Writer. He has been in leading positions such as Director of the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Albania, Director of the Balkan Directorate at the Foreign Ministry, Director of prognosis Directorate and Analysis at the Foreign Ministry, Director of International Relations at the Democratic Party, spokesman and director of the Press Department of the Foreign Ministry. His production in the field of diplomacy count books, numerous articles and analysis of international issues and Albania's role in them. He was estimated with decorative titles "Grand Master," "Career Award 2012", "Naim Frasheri" and "Nobility of Tirana" for his outstanding contribution to the Albanian diplomacy and publicity. Since mid-2016, Prof. Dr. Shaban Murati is a member of the Board of AIITC.


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Instituti Shqiptar i Mendimit dhe i Qytetërimit Islam (AIITC) është themeluar në vitin 1996, me vendim të Gjykatës së Tiranës nr. 143, datë 04. 03. 1996. Veprimtaria e këtij Instituti është e shumëfishtë dhe e larmishme në fusha të ndryshme si: shkencore, kulturore, studimore, botuese, informuese dhe dokumentuese. 

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