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Looking towards other cultures - Chairman of AIITC speech

Dr ramiziAIITC was founded as means of recognizing , publishing and moving forward the virtues of Islamic culture and civilization. Our institute, with its dynamics, has contributed in numerous cultural fields home and abroad, therefore completing its humanitarian mission. Based on this mission, AIITC has realized different kinds of activities, that were welcomed and revitalized interest. Participation in our activities has been increased by, including participation from researchers of many fields and intellectuals from university circles.

We have had effective ties and good cooperation with the Academy of Sciences, counterpart institutes, universities, libraries, the mass media, and research- and cultural associations, home and abroad - in Albanian lands and beyond. All our scientific scientifical activities, symposiums - symposia, sessions, conferences and seminars have served as tribunals of upbringing new scientific information - have been like tribunes for the sake of providing new scientifical information, and( remove the) the products of the most prominent of Albanian and worldwide literature. Our important publications such as: Dictionaries, books with a theological - technological content, scientifical-, literature-, historical and philosophical content publications, magazines and buletins have supplied given the reader with knowledge in many different areas of contemporary levels and dimensions. In the meantime they've given the reader moral messages, that are best inscribed in the people's hearts.

Albanian-cultural oriented, there has been effort for the contribution of new insight concerning the values of this culture, and the role that this culture had in history. for the creation of the profile and the national physiognomy that with this traditions should knock on the moral conscience of the Albanians. The Islamic culture, as a system of virtues, is a ingredient of the Albanian culture, a fortune that is formed by history. In multicultural harmony and interaction the islamic culture has realised the forming of the soul of our nation. The islamic culture has been a guideline, malleable, that according to time and circumstances helped people to live in harmony with each other.

The islamic culture and civilization in Albanian grounds are products of minds and spiritual forces of Albanians themself. Busy in trying to elevate this culture and civilization, the Albanians have elevated themself and their spiritual world. By following universal values, our culture has been able to find similarities in other cultures. nearby or far away, eastern or western, that influenced the Albanian territory. Observation of cultures, not in clashes and conflicts. But in similar richness and missions like a bridge between different people and as a message of understanding between human beings, is our vision. Cultures help people to live in harmony with eachother, these are indicators of a developed civilization.

Our institue is a voice, a voice that together with other voices resonances the Albanian culture and reaches to other cultures of the world. In regard to the future and with new contemporary visions, we are looking for opening of wealth acculumated and still undiscovered in civilizations and cultures. AIITC is always moving in the direction of universal wealth, to let the culture be as good a possible in service of people.

 Prof. As. Dr. Ramiz Zekaj
Chairman of AIITC

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Directors Board of AIITC

Dr Ramizi profil

Prof. As. Dr. Ramiz ZEKAJ is the founder and leader of the Albanian Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization. He studied at the Faculty of Oriental Philosophy of Pristina. Subsequently he went to the Institute of Foreign Languages in Medina (Arabic language branch), where he also later graduated in Islamic jurisprudence. In 1994 he was laureate degree "Doctor of Science" in the field of History. He is the author of a number of publications and scientific articles in various fields and is also scientific director of the cultural- scientific magazine "Universe". Thanks to his vision on leading in the best possible way, AIITC is configured and increased significantly from year to year.


Faruk BorovaDr. Faruk BOROVA was graduated at the University of Tirana, Faculty of Natural Sciences, after a 20-years of work experience in the chemical industry, in 1993 received the scientific degree "Doctor" in the field of chemical technology. Between 1992 - 1993 he worked as General Director of State Enterprise Export - Import, and between 1993 - 1997, he was Ambassador of the Republic of Albania to the Middle East including Egypt, Libya, Palestine, Israel, Sudan, Jordan and Iraq , with residence in Cairo, the Arab Republic of Egypt. He is the author of the book "Albanian Dynasty ruling Misir 1805 - 1952" published in 2010. From October 2011 onwards he worked at the Albanian Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization initially as Deputy Director and later as Chairman of the Directors Board and Head of Foreign Relations. 


HasanProf. Dr. Hasan ҪIPURI, is a member of Executive Board of AIITC. Lecturer of Language and military sciences, prof. dr. Hasan Ҫipuri gave a valuable contribution in the field of publications of various dictionaries, among which we mention the publication of Albanian-Serbian dictionary. Author and contributor of many historical books and many articles on linguistic character featured in best serious magazines of the time. He is the chief of the Section of terminology and Military Encyclopedia, as well as lecturer of both Serbo-Croatian at Defence Academy and the Faculty of Foreign Languages.

AluishAlush SARAÇI is a member of the Board of Directors of AIITC, who has contributed with ideas and his professional experience for years. Alush Saraçi was graduated from the University of Tirana, Faculty of Economics. Then he made some qualifications and training in the USA for economic sciences. As economist at higher levels has given assistance to economic problems in Albania. He has competently run some important state institutions affecting their performance.



xhemalXhemal BALLA has finished the Tirana madrassa and later graduated from the Pedagogical Institute, Faculty of Bio-Geography. He was a teacher for many years and for this he was decorated with the title "Master of the distinguished educator". Xhemal Balla, as part of the AIITC Board has contributed in the scientific journal "Universe" - a publication of the Albanian Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization. He is the author of several monograph books dedicated to the most prominent Islamic figures in Albania. He has got a rich experience pedagogical and scientific and was more successful in educational institutions run by him.


muharremProf. dr. Muharrem DEZHGIU is historian and researchers of the Albanians history problems after the Declaration of Independence to the end of World War II. In his scientific activity over 30 years, prof. DEZHGIU has developed specialized studies for the political, military, economic and social history of the Albanians in the Second World War; has taught and lectured to undergraduate and graduate students; and directed the doctoral thesis; has participated in jury for doctoral protection as an opponent and as chairman of the jury; has made edits and scientific publications on the topic of this historical period; participated in working groups drafting textbooks; has participated with his work, and his studies in dozens of scientific conferences at home and abroad. He has been in management positions at the Institute of History and currently heads the Albanian Encyclopedia. His scientific production in the field of historiography counts 16 books as author and co-author, as well as tens of scholarly articles, essays, criticism, etc Since the mi ddle of 2012, Prof. dr. Muharrem DEZHGIU is a member of the Board of AIITC.


shaban murati fotoProf. dr. Shaban Murati, a career diplomat, is one of the rare personalities in Albania who has raised the country's values. He used to be an Ambassador, Adviser to Prime Minister, Minister of Albanian Diplomacy, Academic, Publisher, Analyst and Writer. He has been in leading positions such as Director of the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Albania, Director of the Balkan Directorate at the Foreign Ministry, Director of prognosis Directorate and Analysis at the Foreign Ministry, Director of International Relations at the Democratic Party, spokesman and director of the Press Department of the Foreign Ministry. His production in the field of diplomacy count books, numerous articles and analysis of international issues and Albania's role in them. He was estimated with decorative titles "Grand Master," "Career Award 2012", "Naim Frasheri" and "Nobility of Tirana" for his outstanding contribution to the Albanian diplomacy and publicity. Since mid-2016, Prof. Dr. Shaban Murati is a member of the Board of AIITC.


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Vështrim drejt kulturave

AIITC u themelua si nevojë për njohjen, publikimin dhe çuarjen përpara të vlerave të civilizimit dhe kulturës islame. Instituti ynë, me dinamikën e tij, ka dhënë kontribute në shumë fusha të kulturës shqiptare dhe botërore, duke përmbushur misionin e tij njerëzor. Nisur nga ky mision, AIITC ka realizuar veprimtari të shumëllojshme, të mirëpritura dhe që kanë ngjallur interesim. Pjesëmarrja në veprimtaritë tona ka qenë në rritje, duke përfshirë në to studiues të shumë fushave, intelektualë dhe nga qarqet universitare.

Të efektshme kanë qenë lidhjet dhe bashkëpunimi me Akademinë e Shkencave, institutet homologe, universitetet, bibliotekat, masmedian e shoqata kërkimore e kulturore, në trojet shqiptare e më gjerë. Gjithë veprimtaritë tona shkencore, simpoziumet, sesionet, konferencat e seminaret kanë shërbyer si tribuna të prurjeve të informacionit të ri shkencor dhe produkte të penave më të spikatura të letrave shqipe dhe botërore. Botimet tona të rëndësishme si: fjalorët, libra me përmbajtje teologjike, shkencore, letrare, historike, filozofike, revista e buletine kanë përcjellë te lexuesi dije të shumë fushave, të përmasave e niveleve bashkëkohore, si dhe mesazhe morali që më së miri skalitet në zemrat e njerëzve.

Orientuar drejt kulturës shqiptare, janë bërë përpjekje për kontribute e vështrime të reja në vlerat e kësaj kulture dhe të rolit që ajo ka luajtur në hapësirat historike, për krijimin e profilit dhe fizionomisë kombëtare që, nëpërmjet kësaj tradite të trokitet në ndërgjegjen e shqiptarëve. Kultura islame, si sistem vlerash, është pjesë përbërëse e kulturës shqiptare dhe pasuri e formuar historikisht. Në harmoni e në bashkëveprim ndërkulturor, është realizuar formimi shpirtëror i kombit tonë. Kultura islame ka qenë një fill orientues, i epshëm, i cili sipas kohës dhe rrethanave i ka ndihmuar njerëzit të jetojnë në harmoni me njeri-tjetrin.

Kultura dhe civilizimi islam në trojet shqiptare janë produkte të mendjeve dhe forcave shpirtërore të vetë shqiptarëve. Në përpjekje për të çuar përpara këtë civilizim e këtë kulturë, shqiptarët kanë çuar përpara vetveten dhe botën e tyre shpirtërore. Duke synuar vlerat universale, kultura jonë ka mundur të gjejë pikat e përbashkëta me kulturat e tjera, të afërta apo të largëta, të lindjes apo të perëndimit, të cilat mpleksen e ngjizen në territoret shqiptare. Vështrimi i kulturave, jo në përplasje dhe konflikte, por në vlera e misione të përbashkëta, si ura bashkuese midis popujve e si mesazhe mirëkuptimi e komunikimi ndërnjerëzor, është vizioni ynë. Kulturat ndihmojnë popujt të jetojnë në harmoni, ato janë indikatorët e niveleve të zhvillimeve dhe qytetërimeve.

Instituti ynë është një zë më shumë që, së bashku me të tjerë zëra, rezonon në kulturën shqiptare dhe troket në kulturat botërore. Me vështrim drejt së ardhmes e me vizione të reja e bashkëkohore, jemi në kërkim e zbulim vlerash të akumuluara dhe akoma të pazbuluara të kulturave dhe qytetërimeve. AIITC është në rrugëtim të përhershëm e në ngjitje drejt vlerave universale, për ta vënë kulturën sa më mirë në shërbim të popujve.

Dr. Ramiz Zekaj

Drejtor i AIITC


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Albanian Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization

Albanian Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization (AIITC) was established in 1996, by decision of the Court of Tirana nr. 143, on 04th of March 1996.
The activity of the Institute is multiple and diverse in various fields such as scientific, cultural, research, publishing, information and documentation

AIITC organizes scientific conferences and symposiums, and promotes academic research on issues related to culture, civilization, art, traditions and Islamic customs of Albanian.

The Institute maintains regular contact with state institutions, academy, research institutes, universities, cultural associations etc, creating a lot about the quality of associates in various fields.

Besides permanent staff, consistently are being engaged researchers from various fields, historians, researchers, theologians, artists, lecturers, etc, who contribute through research collection of historical, social and cultural materials and through the development of monographs and translations of old and new literature, transmission of philosophy, civilization and Islamic ideas.

Through this multi-faceted activity, AIITC: - Contributes to maintain traditional cultural values of the Albanian and Balkans Islamic peoples. Publishes these values in scientific way, toward coherence achievements. It puts the bridge between the culture of the Albanian people and the peoples of the Balkans, and beyond, in the fields of history, art, linguistics, philosophy, and science.

Creates necessary conditions for study, preservation and recording of objects of culture and Islamic architecture, through a library where books and manuscripts collected for culture, as well as through an Islamic museum, where they are collected and preserved rare relics of culture and Islamic civilization.

The Institute has issued a series of publications from various fields such as monographs of eminent figures of Albanian culture and national history, translations of traditional and contemporary literature. These publications, among others, are well appreciated in the Book Fair in Tirana, Pristina, Skopje, Ulqin ect.

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Rreth nesh

Instituti Shqiptar i Mendimit dhe i Qytetërimit Islam (AIITC) është themeluar në vitin 1996, me vendim të Gjykatës së Tiranës nr. 143, datë 04. 03. 1996. Veprimtaria e këtij Instituti është e shumëfishtë dhe e larmishme në fusha të ndryshme si: shkencore, kulturore, studimore, botuese, informuese dhe dokumentuese. 

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