Tirana, 20/02/2017
Foreign Language Center AIITC started during February new courses of Arabic language in three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. After closing the fifth level of the course, the trainees received satisfactory ratings after mandatory testing, paving the way for attending the course at level six.

Since 5 years from its licensing, the Center regularly organizes courses in Arabic, English, German and Turkish language at all levels. As well as it conducts seminars, workshops and various training in group or individual, with different topics related to foreign language teaching, preparation for exams etc.

Arabic language students the center distributes free addition literatures from AIITC publications, such as Arabic language primer "Step by step learn Arabic," and the book "Talk Arabic". These books are very helpful as they give basic information about learning Arabic language in written and speaking. They also gave simplified dialogues for most common situations faced by a traveler in the Arab countries. The teaching of this language is offered for free, while the basic approach is the book "Madinah Arabic Reader" and USB Arabic Ultimate Set.

Besides teaching foreign languages, the Centre offers to attenders its free membership in Library of Institute, where they can find and read various literature in different fields such as events, research, historical, philosophical, religious, etc. In this way they can better meet their cultural interests, and develop language skills acquired from courses of foreign languages.

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Instituti Shqiptar i Mendimit dhe i Qytetërimit Islam (AIITC) është themeluar në vitin 1996, me vendim të Gjykatës së Tiranës nr. 143, datë 04. 03. 1996. Veprimtaria e këtij Instituti është e shumëfishtë dhe e larmishme në fusha të ndryshme si: shkencore, kulturore, studimore, botuese, informuese dhe dokumentuese. 

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