Rrogozhina, 11.03.2017
With the support of the Albanian Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization, the social-cultural center "House of Light" in Rrogozhina organized a cultural activity on the theme: "The role of Albanian Imams on Albanian education and Language". The meeting was attended from Rrogozhina citizens of different ages.

The activity was opened by AIITC representative, Mr. Pëllumb Jaupi , who welcomed the participants and conveyed the greetings of the Chairman of the Institute, Prof. As. Dr. Ramiz Zekaj. Invited to lecture was Mr. Rifat Hoxha, writer and researcher of history in the region of Kavaja and beyond.

Either spoken or written language plays a special role in a nation's identity, culture, education and sovereignty. The Albanian Muslim religious leaders knew this very well therefore tried hard and played a vital role in the formation of the Albanian language and education. Learning about their role and efforts is a necessity for today's generations. That's why recognition of this contribution was the essential purpose of this activity.

The researcher Rifat Hoxha widely spoke about the patriotic activity of Albanian imams and their role in the establishment of the Albanian alphabet and school. Its worth mentioning the figure of imam Hasan Tahsin, who was among the first Albanian personalities to compile the Primer in Albanian language.

Furthermore he spoke about the role that a lot of prominent personalities had in this cause such as Hafiz Vehbi Dibra, Said Najdeni, Hoxhë Voka, Hafiz Ali Korça, Hafiz Ibrahim Dalliu etc. They work hard in the development and expansion of the language and national education in Albanian regions. In the end there were some questions from the audience and explanations by the lecturer.

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