Wednesday, 08.11.2017

Information Technology (IT) is one of the most important branches with a tearing progress today. With the aim to move in step with the developments of the time, representatives of AIITC and partner institutions held a meeting with IT experts from the International Islamic University of Malaysia.

Part of Malaysian delegation were PhD Mohamad Fauzan, IT professor, prof. Roslina Othman, pedagogue of IT faculty and Rrahman Fauzan, computer program developer.

Initially the delegation got acquainted with a brief presentation of 20-year activity of AIITC and its partner institutions: Media Contact, Cultural Association "Woman" and printing house "New Millennium".

Subsequently, Professor Mohamad talked about the reason of their visit to Albania, the need to expand knowledge regarding information technology uses, especially in spreading Islamic culture and knowledge. According to him, the computer and the phone today are equal to the pen, which is highly rated in Islamic tradition and culture as the first creature of this world and as the basic means of spreading knowledge. Therefore, information technology should also be in the function of spreading the Islamic message, knowledge and kindness that accompany it.

On this purpose, the delegation presented some applications, which were developed to be at the service of institutions and Muslim communities across the globe. During the demonstration were highlighted the way the applications worked, their functions and the benefits they provide to the users. The target group of users are mainly young people, as technology is more widespread in their ranks.
In conclusion, the Chairman of AIITC prof. as. dr. Ramiz Zekaj, stressed out the importance of organizing a workshop for encouraging institutions and young people to use this technology. According to him, although progress has been made in some parts of the world in this regard, for places like Albania, much remains to be done.

The Malaysian delegation promised to return to Albania in order to concretize the cooperation initiated and to explore new and interesting ideas and projects for the societies of the region.

At the end of this very productive meeting, they exchanged some literature publications between them. The editions donated by them joined the AIITC's Library.

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