Tirana, 08.02.1018

Nowadays, volunteering to help the people in need is becoming a motivation and an impulse of youth, associations and volunteer groups. To increase this feeling among youngsters, the Department of Students at the Albanian Institute for Islamic Thought and Civilization organized a seminar on the topic: Youth volunteering in the Community. The seminar was attended by the students which are part of the education programs developed by AIITC in collaboration with Woman Cultural Association.

To talk about this was invited Mr. Ilir Hoxholli, one of the prominent civil society activist and founder of many successful charity initiatives. Being the founder of the “Bestow Love” foundation, he has managed to attract the attention of many youngsters and interested groups, with his initiative: "We should be near to the needy".

The opening speech was made by the deputy director of AIITC, Mr. Alban Kodra who stressed out that volunteering is part of the charity, which dates back to the beginning of human society.
According to him, charity is a message written in the divine books from God's messengers and transmitted to us throughout centuries. Helping others should be an important part of our lives and it is our duty to do so. He point out that the main purpose of this seminar is to promote these positive initiatives among youngsters who are part of the education programs of AIITC and WCA.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ilir Hoxholli began his speech with the expression "Charity is an inner spiritual happiness that should not be done to gain the consent of others but to feel good with yourself and with the almighty God". According to him in a society where inequality, based on greed, has created an enormous gap between the poor and the rich, we need to be altruistic and contribute somehow to charity and volunteerism.

He advised the students present at the seminar that the best thing to do is to not remain passive and indifferent towards a crisis of identity that today's society is facing. Therefore, he encouraged the youth to give their voluntary contributions and to undertake charitable initiatives for which he promised maximum support. Through his personal experiences, he conveyed to the youth the spirit of volunteering and solidarity.

At the end of the seminar, Dr. Faruk Borova the Chairman of Board of Directors at AIITC, thanked the participants and promised that AIITC will support all volunteer initiatives that students will undertake to help people in need.

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