Tirana, 13.11.2017
After a few months of preparatory work, the editorial board of cultural-scientific magazine "Univers" was gathered at the premises of the Albanian Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization to discuss the approval of the subject that will contain the number 18 of the magazine. The editorial board considered about 30 articles and scientific papers proposed for publication, among which were selected the most qualitative ones that will be part of the new issue of the magazine.

The meeting was attended by the director of the magazine prof. as. dr. Ramiz Zekaj, editor-in-chief prof. dr. Ramazan Bogdani, members prof. dr. Arian Kadiu and prof. dr. Nevila Nika. Also present were the technical staff of the magazine, the deputy director of AIITC Alban Kodra and coordinator of the magazine Anisa Hykaj. While the members of the editorial board prof. dr. Hamit Boriçi and prof. dr. Muharrem Dezhgiu were unable to attend but brought their reviews of articles by writing. At the beginning of the meeting, the editorial board honored the contribution of one of the founding members of the "Univers" magazine, prof. dr. Musa Kraja, who passed away a few months ago.

Topics of this issue are divided into several directions:
1.Historical studies: "The regional economy of Albanian lands during XVI-XVIII century, between Venice and the Ottoman Empire" by dr. Ardian Muhaj; "Ethnic and religious cleansing of Albanians 1878-1999, Kosova in particular" by msc. Astrit Hykaj; "The confrontation of two powerful kings, Bardhyl of Illyria and Philip II of Macedonia" by Tolin Kona; "Myderiz Haki ef. Taip Sermaxhaj, loyal to the national cause (1914-1948) " by Islam Osmani; "Islamic educational institutions in the lands of today's Macedonia during the second half of the XVII century" by prof. dr. Naser Ramadani etc.
2. Literary and linguistic studies, such as: "Albanian Reports Standard - Dialect at Students of Some High Schools in Prishtina" by Lumturije Nuredini; Lyrics and semantics (poetry Albanian mission)" by Fitim Veliu; "Problems of Gender Inclusion in Albanian Texts of Divine Texts" by Besa Ismaili; "Burde's Kasîde in Albanian language" by dr. Sadik Mehmeti; "Use and Functions of the ‘Paskajore verb’ by Melihate Zeqiri ect.
3. Theological studies, such as: "Responsibility from the Perspective of Divine Texts" by prof. dr. Fahredin Ebibi; "The Concept of Islamic Aesthetics in Islamic Thinking" by Ferid Ansari, "Humanity of Divine Revelation - Critical Study by Bahri Curri" etc.
4. Recensions of publications, such as "Death and deportation of J. Mc Carthy - A new perspective of history to understand it" by prof. dr. Muharrem Dezhgiu; "Hysen Kobellari's weasel hunters - A value novel outline on oral tale model" by Anton Nica Berisha, etc.

In terms of selecting the authors the magazine always has aimed to intertwined experienced academic with young researchers to give them opportunity to deal in this field.
In addition to the discussions of the articles, a series of issues related to the magazine's performance and the strategies to be followed were discussed at the meeting to promote it to Albanians abroud and to expand the circle of its associates.

Editor-in-Chief of the journal, prof. dr. Ramadan Bogdani informed on extending the editorial board with a new member, prof. dr. Seit Mansaku, one of the most prominent linguists nowadays who was unable to attend this meeting. It was also discussed to include to the advisory board new names of prominent linguists and scholars from Albanian-speaking lands.
The meeting ended with the last editorial recommendations, which will be considered in the preparatory work for the implementation of the following number of the magazine "Universe."

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Instituti Shqiptar i Mendimit dhe i Qytetërimit Islam (AIITC) është themeluar në vitin 1996, me vendim të Gjykatës së Tiranës nr. 143, datë 04. 03. 1996. Veprimtaria e këtij Instituti është e shumëfishtë dhe e larmishme në fusha të ndryshme si: shkencore, kulturore, studimore, botuese, informuese dhe dokumentuese. 

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